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This article is part of the vocabulary section of the Mi'kmaq language. It shows the words in Mi'kmaq for the seasons, the months of the year and the days of the week with their English equivalent.

Note: All words in the below tables are in Francis-Smith orthography (see Mi'kmaq orthographies for more details).


English Mi'kmaq Pronunciation
Autumn Toqwa'q
Spring Siwkw
Summer Nipk
Winter Kesik


English Mi'kmaq Literal meaning Pronunciation
January Penamujuiku's Frost fish runs
February Apuknajit Snow blinding month
March Siewkesiku's Forerunner of Spring
April Penatmuiku's Egg hatching time
May Etquljuiku's Frog croaking time
June Nipniku's Leaves are budding time
July Peskewiku's Animal fur thickens time
August Kisikwekewiku's Ripening time
September Wikumkewiku's Mate calling time
October Wikewiku's Animal fattening time
November Keptekewiku's Frost month
December Kesikewiku's Winter month

Days of the week[edit]

English Mi'kmaq Pronunciation
Monday Amskwesewey
Tuesday Ta'puewey
Wednesday Si'stewey
Thursday Ne'wewey
Friday Kweltamultimk
Saturday Kespitekɨtek
Sunday Ekntie'wimk