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This article is part of the vocabulary section of the Mi'kmaq language. It lists a sample of body part names in Mi'kmaq with their English equivalent. Since the words for body parts in Mi'kmaq change according to the person, all words in the table below are for the first person, meaning for example "my hand".

Note: All names in the below table are in Francis-Smith orthography (see Mi'kmaq Orthographies for more details).

English Mi'kmaq Pronunciation
Arm Npitnokom
Belly button Nili
Chest Npsewikn
Ear Nsituaqn
Elbow Ntluskinikn
Eye Npukik
Finger Ntlewikn
Foot Nkat
Knee Njikun
Hand Npitn
Head Nunji
Mouth Ntun
Neek Njitaqn
Nose Nsiskun
Shoulder Ntlmaqn
Stomach Nmusti
Testicle Nulsu
Thigh Nkajikn
Thumb Ntijin
Toe Npsisqunan

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