Mere Christianity (CBL)/Week 5

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Assignments[edit | edit source]

  1. Read pg. 55-80
  2. Write a well developed response that expands upon a theme or concept from this week's reading.
  3. Answer weekly question set
  4. Study for the Book III Quiz in two weeks
  5. Check scores from last unit quiz (optional but highly recommended!)

Discussion[edit | edit source]

This week's discussion will be held at TIME on DATE in the AWF virtual universe, Agape World at the AWF School facility.There is a section on the talk page where you can post topics and questions for us to go over. If you are unable to make it, your questions can also be posted in a separate section to the talk page, where I will do my best to answer them shortly.

Final Essay[edit | edit source]

Over the past four weeks, you have worked on discerning a topic for your final essay. You should start writing your rough draft now. Even though it's a rough draft, you should make the best effort possible. When you are finished, have someone review your essay and incorporate their suggestions into a working copy.

Questions[edit | edit source]

After reading pages 55-80 and writing a response, please answer the following 10 questions in complete sentences. Each question will be worth one point, for a total of ten points possible.

  1. What is the purpose of moral rules?
  2. What are the three parts of morality?
  3. Why can't humanity realize a moral state?
  4. What are the cardinal virtues?
  5. What does the New Testament show in terms of how a Christian society should act?
  6. What problem do we face when implementing social morality?
  7. What two things are involved in a moral choice?
  8. What is the only thing morality is concerned with?
  9. Why is chastity so unpopular?
  10. What is the core problem in relation to sexual morality?

Quiz[edit | edit source]

The quiz on this unit will open in two weeks. It will consist of 25 free response questions similar to the weekly questions. Any material from Book III is fair game and you should begin studying now to maximize your score. Each question is worth 1 point and will be graded based upon completeness and comprehension.