Mere Christianity (CBL)/Week 10

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Assignments[edit | edit source]

  1. Read pg. 152-175
  2. Write a well developed response that expands upon a theme or concept from this week's reading.
  3. Answer weekly question set
  4. Take the Book IV Quiz on Moodle
  5. Upload the Final Essay to Moodle by the end of the week.

Discussion[edit | edit source]

This week's discussion will be held at TIME on DATE in the AWF virtual universe, Agape World at the AWF School facility.There is a section on the talk page where you can post topics and questions for us to go over. If you are unable to make it, your questions can also be posted in a separate section to the talk page, where I will do my best to answer them shortly.

Final Essay[edit | edit source]

The final submission of your Literary Response Essay is due at the end of the week. Remember to proofread your essay and consider having another person look it over before turning it in to Moodle. No credit will be given for late essays, so you should take every precaution to turn it in early. If Moodle does not work, email the essay to the instructor as an attachment.

Questions[edit | edit source]

After reading pages 152-175 and writing a response, please answer the following 10 questions in complete sentences. Each question will be worth one point, for a total of ten points possible.

  1. What makes the Christian way different?
  2. What is the ultimate function of the Church?
  3. Why does God want people to count the cost of being Christian?
  4. Why do Christians have troubles in their lives?
  5. What does it mean if a Christian's behavior does not change after salvation?
  6. Why should Christians live according to the Lord's Commandments?
  7. What problem can appear with Christians and money?
  8. How is the Christian idea like evolution?
  9. What does the world think of Christianity? Are they right or wrong? How do you know?
  10. What comes to us when we look for God?

Quiz[edit | edit source]

The Book IV Quiz is now open on Moodle. It's composed of 25 free response questions drawn from this unit, with each question worth 1 point. Once again, answers will be graded based on completeness and comprehension.