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Menomonie, unsurprisingly, does not have a lot of crime. However, that doesn’t mean that this town doesn’t have murder or a robbery in it’s history. Just this year there was a non-fatal stabbing after a hateful argument between a white man and a black man. Menomonie has a police department with 27 officers that apparently answer about 16,000 calls a year. Perhaps the worst crime that I found was the torture killing of a 16-year old Muslim boy in 1995 by his cousins.[1]

Robbery, Theft, and Burglary[edit]

There have been a few robberies in the history of Menomonie. The Kraft State Bank was robbed in 1931 on October 20th. What is a lot more common though is theft and burglary.


While there haven't been many murders in the history of Menomonie, they have happened, like the example with the Muslim boy.

Drugs and Alcohol[edit]

One of the most common crimes in Menomonie is Underage drinking and drugs. [2]

Sexual Assault[edit]

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