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[1]Breweries have been in the Menomonie area since the mid-1800's, and are sill in the Menomonie area today. More then [2]99 million Americans regularly drink beer, with last years drinking age consuming on average a beer a day. Since brewing is highly dependent on a timely processes and a unique set of ingredients, it has been deemed an artwork. With more then [3]3,400 brewing companies and pubs located across the Untied States, beer brewing has become a rapidly growing industry. However, brewing was not always this popular. In 1886, the brewing industry was struggling with only a measly[4] 1,830 breweries producing beer. The Menominee area was lucky enough to have one of those few breweries settle down just west of town. At times referred to as ale, or more commonly known as beer, this blend of hops and barley is one of the oldest beverages known to mankind. Some of the first records of beer date as far back as the fifth millennium B.C.  

First Major Brewery In Menomonie[edit]

Lucette sign and hours
Lucette sign and hours

The year was[5] 1886 when Burkhardt Brewery settled down just two miles west of Menomonie. Burkhardt Brewery first started in 1865 and was originally known as the Pipin Brewery. It was not until later that it would generally be known as the Burkhardt Breweries. The brewery first got it's start in a place referred to as Read's Landing. The founders of the company were the father and two sons of the Burkhardt family. All three men ran the brewery in Read's Landing until about 1886, when one of the sons, by the name of Gottfried, was anxious to be on his own. Gottfried found his way to the Menomonie area and brought his knowledge of beer making with him. Gottfried constructed his own brewery and, started to apply his brewing techniques towards increasing production of beer. He not only owned the brewery but he was also managing. It was not until around 1896 that Gottfried Burkhardt's ill health forced him to turn over the business to his son Louis.Ownership remained with the Burkhardt Brothers, until around 1902 when Louis took over the operation under a new name. Records show that the brewery was closed in 1912. In the brewery’s prime it had the capacity to produce over 10,000 barrels of beer per year. 

Brewery's Located In Menomonie Today[edit]

the year was 2010 when Lucette Brewing Company was founded in Menomonie. Founders included Eric Rykal, Fred Schletty, Tim Schletty, and Michael Wilson. [6]The company started small with initially three employees including a head brew master but now has grown to twenty five employees. The company has vastly grown, moved locations, added a canning line, and now offers an onsite taproom. They also offer what is known as the Lucette Woodfire Eatery to help stay relevant and competitive. The Woodfire Eatery offers artisan pizzas using locally sourced ingredients, and from first hand experience they are extremely tasty. Lucette Brewing Company continues to grow and its plans to focus more on diversification into a variety of areas such as the arts, research & development, and a variety of other interests. [7]Lucette Brewing Company got its name from the fictional charter Paul Bunyan’s sweetheart, Lucette. To pay tribute to the hardworking lumber industry that helped build the Midwest. Lucette Brewing Company is a craft brewing company that focuses on high quality beers made the traditional way. Lucette's founders took interest in the tales of the former Burkhardt Brewery which was also located in Menomonie back in the 1880’s. 

The Impact On The Community[edit]

The Burkhardt Brewery was extremely helpfully to the Menomonie community even back in 1886, They provided jobs, helped bring in people form the sounding areas to the community, and in the long run increased the economy in the city. The Lucette Brewing Company plays somewhat of the same roles. The company is definitely a must see when visiting the Menomonie area. People visit Lucette's not only for the beer and wood fire pizza but also for the historical aspect of this gem of a city. When you really stop and think about it Menomonie is a great place for a Brewery to be located. With the brewery being located a mile from UW-Stout, the collegiate majors relating to tourism and hospitably benefited greatly. It give students a chance to see how a brewery operates first hand. Breweries are becoming quit trendy among the millennial generation, and are growing in popularity across the country.

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Things In Common Between The Two Breweries[edit]

Somethings that the Burkhardt Brewery and the Lucette Brewing Company have in common is that both breweries are/ where located on Hudson road in Menomonie Wisconsin andThey were also both run by their founders. Something else that really stands out with these breweries is the fact that they have captured the love and support of their communities. The Burkhardt brewery, in its glory days, was known as the best beer around. With the cost of transportation being so high a lot of its products stayed local for the most part. Like Lucette Brewing Company both breweries are/ where up and coming they started local and before long their products where available nationwide.

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