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Menomonie Dunn County Government Center
Menomonie Dunn County Government Center

Crime, an illegal act that is punishable by law, has always played a part in Menomonie city's history and still does to this day, this inevitably means that the University of Wisconsin Stout has also seen its share of crimes as it is located in Menomonie City. Most of the crimes occurring in Menomonie are nothing to be too worry about, such as drug use and property crime as these crime don't physically harm someone else and the things being stolen/damaged don't usually cost thousands of dollars except for motor vehicle theft, but occasionally violent crimes like murders and sexual assaults will occur.

Violent Crime[1][2][3][4][5][edit]

The Uniform Crime Report, a report made by the FBI using data collected from all over the US, defines violent crime as a crime that involves force or the threat of force. Examples of violent crime are murder, rape, robbery, and manslaughter. Menomonie saw ten violent crimes in 2010, 17 for 2011, and 24 for 2013.

Sexual Assaults[6][7][3][edit]

According the University of Wisconsin- Stout 2013 Security/Public Safety Report there were two sexual assaults that occurred on campus in 2010, three in 2011, and four in 2012. The 2014 report, reported that four sexual assaults took place.By the end of the first week of classes in UW Stout there were already three reported sexual assaults that happened on campus according to the Daily Crime log. It was mentioned in the 2013 report that students especially freshman are more likely to be sexually assaulted on the first weeks. According to the FBI report only one sexual assault took place in Menomonie 2010 and two in 2011 contradicting UW Stout information. The FBI table eight crime report for the year 2013 says Menomonie had three reported rapes.

Wisconsin Department of Correction Seal
Wisconsin Department of Correction Seal

Sex Offenders[8][edit]

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry list 48 sex offender as living in Menomonie in 2015.

Property Crime[9][1][2][3][edit]

In the FBI report table 2010 there were a reported 333 property crime in Menomonie of these 52 were burglary, 274 larceny, seven motor vehicle theft, and one arson. 2011 had a total of 388 property crime made up of 51 burglary, 323 larceny, 14 motor vehicle theft, and 4 arson. 2013 saw a total of 441 property crime split into 60 burglary, 370 larceny, 11 motor vehicle theft, and one arson. The chances of being a victim of property crime is one in 31 for 2014.

Mendota Mental Health Institute
Mendota Mental Health Institute


When it comes to murders Menomonie doesn't see much of it, in fact Menomonie was murder free from 1996-2013, excluding the year 2009 when three people were killed. These three people Toua Kong, Siong Kong, and Seng Kong were shot and killed by Geu Tou Vang who then committed suicide during a birthday party when an argument took place. During the year 2010 a possible murder did take place as Brad Simon was killed after being pushed off his bike which caused him to sustain fatal injuries after having argued with Jedidiah R. McGlasson and Jared C. Britton, but the murder charges were dropped. The FBI report for 2010 also says that no murder took place. All three of them were UW Stout students. Before 2009 the last murder to take place in Menomonie was during 1995 when Abdullah Al-Qahtani was tortured to death by four people Ahmed A.D. Al-Qahtani, Mshaal A. Al-Shammari, Yahya A.D. Al-Qahtani, and Turky Al-Qahtani. Another murder was committed in 1987 and it remained as the last one until 1995. Timothy Hayden, a UW-Stout maintenance worker was shot to death by Alvin Taylor in his home. Alvin Taylor killed a total of four people before being arrested with Hayden being his third victim. Taylor was originally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but later re-diagnosed as having a delusional disorder, this did not save him from being found guilty, but instead of serving prison time he was committed to the Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison.

Menomonie Police[14][15][16] [17][edit]

Menomonie falls under the jurisdiction of both the Menomonie Police Department and Dunn County Sheriff's Department with the Menomonie Police Department focusing primarily on Menomonie city.The Menomonie Police Department handles an average of over 16000 calls per year. They have 27 officers and seven civilian personnel as of 2015. The Sheriff's Department has 55 full time employees, five part time, and 30 reserve deputies. They have three main divisions the Adult Detention Facility, Field Services Division, and Support Division. The Field Services Division is further split into the Patrol, Criminal Investigation Unit, and K-9 Unit.

UW Stout Police Building
UW Stout Police Building

University of Wisconsin Stout[6][18][edit]

UW Stout has their own Police force consisting of 13 personnel. There are eight officers two of which are part time. UW Stout has two sex offenders Michael Sosinski, and Joshua M. Radle enrolled for the year 2015. The common crime being committed on campus is drug use with alcohol violation being the highest, this is in turned followed by possession of other drugs. It appears that alcohol use on campus is on a decline. 2010 saw 419 alcohol related arrest, in 2011 269, and finally in 2012 there was a 140. Most of the alcohol arrest in 2015 were because of underage drinking with the majority occurring on campus halls in groups. Stealing is also quite common with 2013 having 42 theft on the daily crime log, 2014 had 70, and 2015 as of Dec.15 had 91.

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