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History of Downtown Menomonie has a great impact on the history of Dunn County region especially from economical perspective. Also, Menomonie used to be the wealthiest town in this region. Downtown Menomonie located by Lake Menomin which made a fantastic view from many buildings in Downtown Menomonie. Mine Street, Broadway Street, and Mabel Tainter are the landmarks of Downtown Menomonie.   


Downtown Menomonie is a historical sights that attract many people to view due to the history of this town. There are many historical buildings that are so captivating such as Mabel Tainter Theater. Also, the location of the Downtown affects the beauty of this town because it is located next to lake Menomin. Furthermore, Downtown Menomonie contains many memorials which lead to sub-histories to its history.

Mine Street & Broadway Street of Menomonie:[edit]

“Downtown Menomonie and its Main Street were part of the original plat of the city that was laid out in 1859.”

“The stores, shops, banks and offices along Broadway, Main Street and Crescent Street have provided a wide variety of goods and services for more than 100 years.”

“Main Street’s distinctive buildings and lakefront setting are among the cornerstones of planning for the future.”

“Many of the first buildings along Main Street, Broadway and Crescent were simple wood-frame structures. By 1900, many had been replaced by two- or three-story brick buildings, often with ornate facades typical of the then-popular Italinate and Queen Anne styles.” [1]

Walking down Main Street and Broadway Street is enough to picture the history and the impact of the two main road, and they are the artery of the town. Many stores and coffee shops were in here and some of them still. Some buildings are the same since 80 years ago.  Wealthy people conducted and made the economy of this town was the best in this region, and it started with a type of wood and transformed to banks, shopping stores, and other necessities that people need.

 The Mabel Tainter:[edit]

“The Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater, built in 1889 as a memorial of the daughter of Captain Andrew and Bertha Tainter, is Downtown Menomonie’s crown jewel.”

“The theater is a fully functional Victorian-era theater with a year-round performing arts season featuring nationally recognized artists.”

“The theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a charter member of the League of Historic American Theatres, and a designated Wisconsin Historial Marker Site.”

“The Memorial provided the community a reading room and library, club rooms, and an auditorium. It also served as the home of the original Menomonie Unitarian Society, whose minister, Henry Doty Maxson, inspired the Tainters to have it built as a center dedicated to the city's moral and social welfare. The Mabel Tainter Memorial continues to provide a cultural and educational focus for the entire community.”


The theater has provided many facilities to the community and has an impacted on downtown Menomonie. For example, there are many rooms in the theater that conduct meetings and gatherings. Also, the first library in Menomonie was in the theater which was built in the theater, and the books were given by Mr. Tainter from his home, and they were about 3000 books. Furthermore, the library was free for Dunn county people.

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Mabel Tainter is a memorial which because one of the best theaters in the whole world.

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