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Lucette Brewing buliding
Lucette Brewing buliding

Breweries bring people together to have a good time and bring money into our local economy. Breweries are places that make and usually sell beer. Most breweries were started by Germans, Polish, Norwegians. Breweries have been in the Menomonie area since around the 1800’s. There are a couple of pubs and bars that sell beer in Menomonie. Local breweries include the Lucette brewery and the raw deal has a microbrewery located inside. Breweries were a big deal as it was a meeting place for loggers after a hard days work. Crime is influenced by people being intoxicated but doesn't affect the brewing industry.

First Major Breweries[edit]

Menomonie has had a major impact from some of the earliest breweries. One of the earliest breweries in the area was the Hudson Road Brewery or the Burkhardt Brewery. In 1806 the Burkhardt brothers purchased Rolleff and Wagner Brewery and operated it under the name of The Hudson Road Brewery. They helped the area grow in interest. There was once a point that the brewery was producing at least 10,000 barrels a year. they became know as one of the best breweries in not only the Menomonie area but all of Wisconsin . they weren’t only brewery in the area, the west side of today’s 12th avenue used to be known as brewery hill. The owner was Christian Fuss who's brewery was located at the top of the hill and overlooked his beer garden as well the Red Cedar trail. The big draw for this brewery was because of its location. It was located on a major road and allowed people who were passing through to enjoy a good beer with great scenery. These two breweries were a big boost in interest for the area.

Local Breweries[edit]

Wisconsin is home to many incredible breweries. Menomonie is just a small town that happens to host a few. For many years these businesses have dominated the service industry and have wowed and pleased their customers.

Lucette Brewery[edit]

910 Hudson Rd, Menomonie, WI 54751. Lucette Brewing Company is a craft brewery founded in 2010. They focus on high quality beers. Paul Bunyan's sweetheart Lucette was the inspiration for the company name. Lucette focuses on a variety of different styles that showcase the complexity surrounding small batch brewing.  Lucette brews there beer in 15 BBL batches. Belgian-Style beers is also available on draft.

Das Bierhaus[edit]

Das Bierhaus is mainly known for their German style of beer and food. Like Lucette they choose an Ale type of beer to brew. They serve Doppleback, Lager, Ale and Hefe. They are constantly bringing in new types of beers so it's hard to tell what exactly is on their menu for beer. They do however offer a wide range of food, lots of German types of food like schnitzels and bratwurst. They are more of a restaurant then a brewery but they still manage to brew some beer. Though not their own recipe they manage to brew great replicates of your favorite types of German beer. This is popular restaurant all around the Menomonie area and even are a great choice for people located in Eau Claire. Das Bierhaus turns into a great bar at night for college students and others. With the University of Wisconsin- Stout right down the street they always keep a positive vibe in their restaurant.

The Raw Deal[edit]

603 Broadway St S, Menomonie, WI 54751. Raw Deal started in the summer of 2006. They strive to make it easy to eat healthy. They do have a micro brewery on site.

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