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Located in the SouthWest part of Wisconsin, Menomonie is a small town with high expectations. With the endless support of community businesses and the University of Wisconsin- Stout. Menomonie has been trying to thrive for years, also receiving help from a few of their breweries. The breweries here are small but popular in Wisconsin and are planning on branching out and making a name for themselves.

Breweries of Menomonie[edit]

The beer state, Wisconsin is home to many incredible breweries. Menomonie is just a small town that happens to host a few. For many years these businesses have dominated the service industry and have wowed and pleased their customers.

My picture of the Lucettes Brewery sign

Menomonie Breweries[edit]


Lucettes has always been very into the Ale type of beer, this year alone they have released Spice Blond, American Pale and Golden Ales. They usually on their website take recommendations from all their customers on what types of beers they want to see. They of course listen and try to please their customers.  As far as the food they have about six different kinds of pizza and four calzones. Pizza really correlates well with beer and are a very popular food choice for breweries. Also Lucettes is know for giving excellent tours of their whole building and complex. They usually last about an hour and a half and also include a pint glass and free samples of most of their beers. These tours cost about $10 per person and are a great way to spend time with the people you love and drink some beer. 

Das Bierhaus[edit]

Das Bierhaus is mainly known for their German style of beer and food. Like Lucettes they choose an Ale type of beer to brew. They serve Doppleback, Lager, Ale and Hefe. They are constantly bringing in new types of beers so its hard to tell what exactly is on their menu for beer. They do however offer a wide range of food, lots of German types of food like schnitzels and bratwurst. They are more of a restaurant then a brewery but they still manage to brew some beer. Though not their own recipe they manage to brew great replicates of your favorite types of German beer. This is popular restaurant all around the Menomonie area and even are a great choice for people located in Eau Claire. Das Bierhaus turns into a great bar at night for college students and others. With the University of Wisconsin- Stout right down the street they always keep a positive vibe in their restaurant.

Wisconsin Beer History[edit]

What’s special about beer? The delicious drink has encountered many taste buds in the state of Wisconsin and has equally filled them with pleasure. Though beer can only be drank by anyone over the age of 21 it still manages to make its way to all people. In Wisconsin you are allowed to drink at a bar if with your parent and allowed by your parent. That’s a small reason on why Wisconsin’s the beer capital of the world. Managing to hold over 50 breweries all across the state. It even holds a professional baseball team named after beer. The Milwaukee Brewers are owned by Miller Brewing Co. itself and therefor are called the brewers. With this team and Milwaukee’s many breweries they are called the beer capital of the capital. Most Breweries give awesome tours, learning about how they make their beer and trying the different kinds of beer they have and even if your lucky they’ll offer food to. A lot of people in the Midwest area make it a hobby to visit all sorts of breweries in the area. Which is why there is so much tourism in that area, that’s also why more and more people are creating breweries in the area.

The making of Beer[edit]

Glass of Beer

The first thing a person brewing beer needs to do is milling. Assuming they don't malt their own barley, they need to prepare grains by crushing them and harvesting them for the beer. The goal is to crush the grains enough that it exposes the starchy center of the barley. When it is milled its added to a large object called the mash tun. It mixes with hot water to form a mash. Basically the heat creates enzymes which turn starches into sugars. After you’ve done this you now take the mash and separate it from the sugary liquids this is called lautering. The mash is now transferred to vessel with a false bottom called a lauter tun. The wort is drained away from hulls and barley grist. Water is added to extract even more of the fermentable sugars. Brewers must be sure to not sparge for to long or the bitter tannins will be stripped away. The next thing brewers need to do is boil. The sweet worts need to be brought a strong boil for one to two hours. This sterilizes the beer which is very important lifesaver in brewing. Long ago people used to have very harmful water to drink. So with beer containing healthy water in it they basically turned into their main source of liquid. Boiling also wears down the hops in the brew. Now we get to fermentation, basically you move everything to a fermentor. It’s a big stainless steel bin. This is when the yeast is added and the fun begins. As the yeast eats up the sugars that were created in the mash. When this happens yeast expels carbon dioxide and alcohol and also a variety of flavor compounds. This is where you decide if your brewing ale or lagers. 


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