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Medical videos[edit | edit source]

Medical videos are the videos which are directed to physicians, medical students and health care professionals either all the medical stuff or even the paramedical staff and physiotherapists. These videos primarily contain educational materials or new trends of medical procedures. The term "Medical Videos" also include the videos which are filmed during surgeries either to be used as an educational material or for medicolegal purposes.

Medical Videos are normal videos with the same normal extensions of any type of videos for example the can be WMV,MPEG,AVI,FLV...etc.

These videos can be found on medical websites that provide them for Medical Videos can be played by any video player however it is most recommended to play medical videos or videos of surgery using the "Medical Videos Player" which is a specially designed free program for playing medical videos, with certain additions and plugins to suit medical presentations and medical conferences. "Medical Videos Player" is provided for free by the Medical Students Associations and can be downloaded from the official website

The Benefits of Watching Medical Videos: are mainly avoiding hurting real patients to learn medical examination because these videos shows the medical student or the physician the general and most important points that should be considered during physical examinations. They also show hazards and maneuvers that should be avoided for the benefit of the patient. Watching videos of surgeries helps junior surgeons avoid fatal mistakes that can affect the patient's life, and they make the surgeon more familiar with the surgical techniques, including what is right and what is wrong.

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