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Definition of Media[edit]

Media (or medium ) means convey. The some of organs of humans and animals detect changes to their environment and transfer they to the brain.These are called "Sensory organs", and through our Sensory organs, we are aware of all aspects of our environment. The senses include sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.We make decisions based on images, sounds, odors, tastes and touches that are received by our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.

In Science Communication Each of these organs is called " Media".

Note: Research shows 90% the change environment of humans and animals detect by 'eyes' and 'ears' then are transmitted to the brain.


Simultaneously detection of multiple sensory organs called " Multimedia ".

Media Tools[edit]

Appliances, which causes a change in any of the organs of eye, ear , nose , tongue and skin of human and animal is called " Media Tools ". for example:

  • Mirror , Horn , Perfume
  • Tribune
  • Photo , Book , Newspaper
  • Radio , Television , Cinema (Multimedia)
  • Internet (Multimedia)

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