Mathematical modeling of neural networks

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Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project for Mathematical modeling of neural networks.

This "learn by doing" project provides information about how to work with mathematical models of neural networks and space for discussion of neural network models.

NEURON simulation environment

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Neuron has a Graphical User interface intended to create a user experience similar to that of using laboratory equipment. Features include:

  1. Channel Builder. allows realistic model features reflecting neurophysiological elements such as voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels.
  2. Cell Builder. for models of cells. Start from scratch or modify saved models without writing any code. Electrophysiological properties of the membrane can vary as functions of position.
  3. Network Builder. use it to prototype small networks then use models of several small networks to create larger networks.
  4. ModelView tool. helps model development, maintenance and sharing of models.


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The NEURON software package is available for Windows, Mac and Unix. Download the NEURON software from the Download and Install page.


The documentation for NEURON states that the version for use with the X11 windows interface is best for Macs. The X11 version is a 4.3 MB download. The downloaded OSX/X11 NEURON package creates a 13 MB folder for NEURON version 5.6 (The current standard version is 5.9).


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  • Did you have any problems with installing NEURON on your computer?