Materials Science and Engineering/List of Topics/Quantum Mechanics/One Dimensional Problems

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The Free Particle: Continuous States[edit]

The Potential Step[edit]

The Potential Barrier and Well[edit]

The Case E > Vo[edit]

The Case E < Vo: Tunneling[edit]

The Tunneling Effect[edit]

The Infinite Square Well Potential[edit]

The Unsymmetric Square Well[edit]

The Synmmetric Potential Well[edit]

The Finite Square Well Potential[edit]

The Scattering Solutions (E > Vo)[edit]

The Bound State Solutions (0 < E < Vo)[edit]

The Harmonic Oscillator[edit]

Energy Eigenvalues[edit]

Energy Eigenstates[edit]

Energy Eigenstates in Position Space[edit]


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