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Viscous Fluid[edit]

Elastic Solid[edit]

Creep Test[edit]

Creep Compliance[edit]

Stress Relaxation Test[edit]

Relaxation Modulus[edit]

Linear Viscoelasticity in Amorphous and Crystalline Polymers[edit]

Modulus Variation with Temperature[edit]

Boltzmann Superposition Principle[edit]

Spring-Dashpot Models[edit]

Maxwell Element[edit]

Voigt Element[edit]

Standard Linear Solid[edit]

Equivalent Models[edit]

Dynamic Mechanical Measurements[edit]

Storage and Loss Moduli[edit]

tan d[edit]

Time-Temperature Equivalence for Amorphous Polymers[edit]

Shift Factor[edit]

WLF Equation[edit]