Materials Science and Engineering/Doctoral review questions/Oral Schedule

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Time Student O'Handley Wuench Marzari Fink Kimerling Thompson Tuller Gradecek Ross Stellacci Fitz Michel
5th 9:30 am LB LB LB LB
5th 11 am MB MB MB MB
5th 1:30 pm AC AC AC AC
5th 3 pm TC TC TC TC
6th 9:30 am JY JY JY JY
6th 11 am SK SK SK SK
6th 1:30 pm MS MS MS MS
6th 3 pm KV KV KV KV
7th 10 am GW GW GW GW
14th 12:30 pm DG DG DG DG
15th JT JT JT JT