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The experience on the marketing of FMCG (Fast moving consuming goods) is very popular now. But for industrial products, especially for customized industrial products, which are not so widely for public use, only for some specific area and detail industrial customers, we have not so much book or practical knowledge on it, but for other consuming goods, there are too many examples and books, that’s why I begin to do some research on it.

Subjects[edit | edit source]

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Annual plan
  3. Budget
  4. Implement
  5. Review and analysis

Implement methods[edit | edit source]

  • Brochures, leaflet, successful stories
  • Website

    • Company website
The website presents the image of company and products, advanced dynamic website even can deal with most orders and customers’ consultation, search useful information on demand etc. But for small and customized products company, the following points should be more important.
    1. Showcase for products and services
    2. Answer most frequently asked questions
    3. Service the customer
    4. Record the needs of customer
    5. Events and news
    6. Improving the rank of search engines
    • Industrial media website
    1. Selective target
    2. Logo or banner AD links
    3. Technical articles
    4. Successful stories
    5. Innovation, new technology, application etc

  • Exhibition

    • Company standard and concept for various and sizes of the exhibitions
    • Brochures, leaflet, catalog…
    • Stand design, layout and engineering
    • Exhibits
    • AV effects, presentations, video
    • Banners, signs
    • Advertising, web, articles…
    • Promotion gifts
    • Others

  • Technical forum
  • Technical training
  • Industrial magazine advertisement

    • Selecting well-known industrial magazine, which should be have some influence in the lines.
      • Selective target
      • High reader benefit and a board spectrum of topics
      • High circulation
      • High news value
    • According to its yearly editorial plan of magazine, you can arrange your advertisement in order to fit for the theme and get good AD effects. For example: The magazine issue 6 will published on 30-June-XXXX, the key topic is metal working, industrial focus is safety and protection, if this is just the point you want to put your products into, you should prepare for it.
    • Together with magazine advertisement, if you can arrange some application cases and successful stories or technical articles of your company, it will be much better.
    • Some special issue will be published together with relevant key exhibition, if your company want to enhance the propagandas, some special reports or introduction also be needed.

  • Customers visit (by Sales and technical Dept. mainly is for technical support and solution)
  • promotion gifts

You can choose from a small range of gifts all in a nice quality to mirror the quality of the products and services. The gifts are covering different usages, i.e. at different price levels ranged as follows:
    1. Paper bag
    2. Pen
    3. Cup
    4. Wallett
The sales executive should always consider whether the customer should have one thing or the other based on criteria such as relationship, current cooperation and future potential. As a general rule only a manager, purchaser, planner or the like should be given the cup or the wallet.

  • Others

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