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First of all you need to decide if you want to use an offline compiler to produce different files like pdf, etc. i recommend using pandoc as it is libre software and can convert it into many different formats. You could also use a online service or just use it on different websites that support it. You could also use it to write emails using something like Markdown toggle to easily and fast write professional looking emails.

   # (space)

is a header which means that is big text that you normally would use in the title of your document or under new chapters in a book or different sections in an article.

   ## (space)

is just a smaller header

   ### (space)

even smaller header

   #### (space)

even smaller header

use * to make a list for example

  • Milk
  • Potatoes
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Candy

I just made a shopping list you can easily change the words after * because Wikiversity supports markdown you will se a list but i actually typed

   * Milk
   * Potatoes
   * Sugar
   * Flour
   * Candy

to make Italic text you use * Word or sentence * or _ Word or sentence _ both * and _ are completely inter changeable

to make bold text use ** Word or sentence **