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Clinica Einstein´s Maritime Colloquia Program (CEMCP)[edit | edit source]

Time: Saturdays from 7:30-9 Start: 5th March 2016

Participants: all staff taking care of seafarers and passenger patients


  1. Moderator and approval/changes of the agenda
  2. Is the title CEMCP good or should it be changed ?
  3. Responsible person for Minutes and call for the next colloquia
  4. Vision and mission for the program
  5. Report and discussion of a clinical case
  6. Discussion of a selected scientific article of the week
  7. Selection of item for clinical guideline - responsible persons
  8. Collaboration with other clinics
  9. Electronic pt. record system for seafarers and passengers (Epi-Data)
  10. Evidence based medicine
  11. Ongoing research
  12. Stearing committee
  13. Internal Homepage and/or Dropbox
  14. Scheme for registration of participation
  15. Scheme for decisions and responsable persons
  16. Regular evaluation and revision of the program
  17. Presentation of the program´s experiences: IMH/IMHA-News
  18. Proposal of an IMHA-Research Clinical Quality Network later
  19. Next colloquium
  20. Other issuses

Definition of colloquium plural col·lo·qui·ums or -quia \-kw?-?\ 1. a usually academic meeting at which specialists deliver addresses on a topic or on related topics and then answer questions relating to them