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Title Early diagnosis of diabetes type 2 and hypertension in seafarers’ routine medical examinations
Name and address of your institute


Center for Maritime Health and Society (CMSS) Department of Public Health, Southern Danish University

Olaf Jensen, MD, senior researcher, specialist occupational/maritime medicine, Master of Public Health, Ph.d.

Brief description of the proposed project Focus on early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension seems to be a good choice for intervention based on the evidence that pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes mellitus Type 2 can be reversed by non-pharmacological and pharmacological measures . The research protocol is ready -> Research protocol
Objectives To analyse and describe a set of clinical data (n=400) on Diabetes Type 2 (DMT2) and Hypertension from routine health examinations for seafarers and relevant health risk variables
Research questions How is:

1.    The seafarers´ prevalence of hypertension and diabetes type 2 – seen from a literature study - review study

2.    The prevalence in a random sample of data from the health examinations

3.    Differences among age groups, state of blood pressure, Body Mass index, smokers and non smokers and other variables included in the data

Project objectives 1.    Systematic literature review on prevalence of hypertension and diabetes 2

2.    Analysis of ready data in Excel format

3.    Compare results for the seafarers with other types of work

4.    Give proposals for prevention based on the scientific literature

Project methodology 1.    Systematic literature review (PRISMA/Scope)

2.    Epidemiological, analysis of secondary data report (STROBE*)

3.    The variables include demographic indicators on the person, age, gender, nationality, work areas onboard, job-position, officer/non-officer, and the data collected on blood pressure and blood suggar

Research population A sample of fishermen/seafarers who came for their health examinations obligatory
Type of project: Descriptive, cross-sectional epidemiological analysis of questionnaire data and literature study
What kind of support can you provide to our students? office space

office space plus a PC

Supervision for the study and thesis writing

Research methodological advice/training

A data set for analysis is ready (more data will be collected)

Project start First data set is ready. New data will be collected Sep-Dec 2022
Other comments *STROBE is the international guide for systematic reporting of studies (ideas for Ph.D studies in Diabetes/Hypertension is ready) All are invited to be member of the International Diabetes and Hypertension Research Group [1]