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Scientific Publications based on MAHRE-Net data[edit | edit source]

  1. Self-perceived safety and psychosocial work environment amongst Danish dockworkers IMH 2019;70(3):171–179.
  2. Mental and Physical Health and Working Environment of Icelandic Fishermen Published in Research Gate, June 2021.
  3. Global Occupational Health Research Methods Education Published July 2021 MethodsX 8
  4. Well-being among French fisheries and maritime students questionnaire-based study GHQ12 data 2022
  5. Le bien-être des étudiants pêcheurs et maritimes GHQ12 data 2020
  6. Early diagnosis of diabetes-2 for transport workers with routine medical examination - submitted 9 Dec to Primary Care Diabetes Elsevier
  7. Systematic Review on Psychological Distress among maritime students 2022-23
  8. Psychological Distress in Venezuelan, Thai, French, and Spanish maritime students GHQ12 2022-23
  9. Well-being among medical students in Panamá study using GHQ12 data 2021-22
  10. Health services among port workers in Costa Rica: analysis of data from a container terminal clinic 2021-22
  11. Well-being among Japanese maritime students questionnaire-based study GHQ12 data 2022