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AGENDA SATURDAY 3 April 2021 with DP, DL, ID, LC, OJ, Panama 800 Brest 1500 Tarragona 1500 Moskow 1600 Manila 2100

  1. Fishermen health issues on Chinese fleet (mails from ITF) (Ilona) Maltreatment of the fishermen, bad/ food and food. Ilona prepare a note for ILO we sign, Don: long time, review study showed, he send to us.
  2. Philippine research agenda (Don) prepare online workshop, secretary available we can pay also Africa activity
  3. EU open calls (David)send the links, application possible in some months,
  4. Specialization in Maritime Medicine/European /Global Mar Research Master, EU nearly impossible, talk later *OPEN LINKS-> MSc & Diploma Maritime Research Education Modules
  5. Other postgraduate courses: Medical Examinations for Fishermen, possible through MAHRE-Net
  6. MAHRE-net Webinars - organising Webinars global sharing for example Webinars for Divers
  7. Our own or collaborative open-air Scientific Journal - postponed
  8. MAHRE.Net webpage - good idea, go on
  9. Data collection GHQ12 France, Thailand, Spain, Venezuela - and new, good collaboration
  10. Ideas for new studies/publications:
    1. Biometrology, as example, hearing, and respiratory data with long term trends
    2. Early Diagnosis+non-pharm prevention, effect, Pre-Hypertension&Pre-Diabetes talk later
    3. How Maritime clinics educate new doctors and brush-up: the need for MSc Maritime Health Research
    4. Covidence software for systematic review and data with the fumex questionnaire on fumigants- next

12 Feb with: DL, ID, LC, OJ,

  1. Ongoing data compiling GHQ12 in Thailand, Venezuela & Denmark-Telemed and Italy (Covid)
  2. BSc.PubH and McPubH in Denmark analyze the data for their thesis
  3. LC will take contact to R&V in Tarragona to ask for McPubHealh students who wish to analyze data
  4. Information Portal project to be proposed in COST [1]

Communications WhatsApp 20 Oct - 3 Nov

  1. COST Action application in development deadline 10 Nov
  2. SEMM Zoom meeting 30 Oct with a short presentation of MAHRE-Net

Communications 13-18 Oct

Participants[edit | edit source]


  1. COST Action invitation
  2. DP member of the Board with contacts to Africa and Asia
  3. Cohort studies GHQ12 Manila, DP
  4. SEMM meeting 30 Oct MAHRE-Net

Zoom conference 13 Oct 5:30 PM

Participants[edit | edit source]


  1. MoU/Technical Annex is excellent and nearly ready
  2. MAHRE-Net WGs for our own actions too detailed for the COST action application
  3. WG 1 Ongoing Systematic reviews added: 1. Fishermen allergies (DL lead) 2.Empowerment woman seafarers (FB lead in the Nordic group)
  4. Finansial issues will come after approval
  5. Don Prisno, Manila will help with the contact to maritime schools there
  6. Specialist educations in Occupational Medicine obligatory thesis work can be a maritime cohort study
  7. Next meeting, Thursday 22 Oct 5:30 CEST,

Zoom conference 9 Oct 5:30 PM

Participants[edit | edit source]


  1. Discussion on "Milestones" and WPs
  2. Next meeting 13 Oct 5:30 CEST

Zoom conference 4 Oct

  1. COST country members to be added
  2. Add "diet" and "medical" to "fitness ..."
  3. Add gender the WPs as one new or to "social"
  4. Inclusion of members of WISTA was discussed, for me fine

Whats-app conference 26 Sep
The abbreviation is MAHRE-Net

Zoom meeting 8 Sep 2020 6pm CET short meeting

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Agreements[edit | edit source]

  1. The title: Maritime Health Research and Education-Net (MHRE-NET) is confirmed
  2. We will learn "how to" edit the pages and add the needed
  3. We leave the "Sandbox" and go to Wikiversity in English, Spanish, French, Icelandic, Russian and Thai
  4. We will add our new members to the "Members" page
  5. We will prepare Work Packets of Objectives also to be ready for possible COST projects.
  6. A homepage with links to the Wikiversity will see daylight
  7. Other things
  8. Next meeting date

Zoom meeting 3 Sep 2020 5pm CET

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Agreements[edit | edit source]

  1. The Board of Directors are: ID, LC, DL, OJ, and DP (added 17 Oct 2020)
  2. Each Director will serve his or her specific competencies and experiences, e.g. meetings with the IMHA-Board is by ID or LC
  3. The proposed title: Maritime Health Research and Education -Net (MHRE-NET) to be confirmed or revised
  4. The "IMHA-Research" group is inside the new independent MHRE-NET with pending tasks:
  5. The ILO/Europeche wants us to help with the specific guidelines for the health examinations of fishermen
  6. We look for possible COST joint project, that can for example be EU maritime training materials and training
  7. Many organizations were mentioned as candidates to be invited for collaboration
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