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1 Board of Directors[edit | edit source]

  1. The MAHRE-NET's main decision-making authority is the Board.
  2. The Board is made up of active associate researchers and most of them are occupational medical specialists.

2 Coordination of the activities[edit | edit source]

  1. The Board of Directors distributes the coordination of the activities among them
  2. Board meetings are held when needed in the start and later every 3 months
  3. Each of the Directors are responsible for convening Board meetings
  4. Short minutes from the meetings written directly during the meetings
  5. A one-year plan for activities and meetings is ready at the end of December.

3 Advisory Committee[edit | edit source]

  1. The institutions are invited to participate with a representative from each of them: ILO, IMO, ITF, SIRC, Europêche, WMU and IMHA-Board
  2. Annual meetings will preferable be Zoom meetings.

4 Goals[edit | edit source]

The Board of the MAHRE-NET establishes objectives for which research areas should be prioritised and which results are expected to be obtained in these areas.

5 Evaluation of the MAHRE-NETactivities[edit | edit source]

The MAHRE-NETBoard Directors understand every year an evaluation of the activities in their own domain
Each Directors presents an annual report for their responsible area to the Board in late December Board meeting

6 Financial Accounting[edit | edit source]

There are no separate accounts for the MAHRE-NET since the economy is placed with each of the institutions of the participants of the established collaboration projects.

7 Financial Resources[edit | edit source]

The main financial resource for the IMHR-NET 's activity is the existing resources of individual participants and national and international research foundations

8 Author affiliations in the publications[edit | edit source]

Besides own institution, the affiliation to the MAR-OMEGA-NET can be added

9 Annual status report[edit | edit source]

The MAHRE-NETDirectors are responsible for preparing an annual status report that is approved by the Board of Directors
The progress report should include a brief overview of last year's results with signatures and dates.