Maritime Clinical Colloquial Network/Standard Agenda

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This agenda is a vision of what could be done - time will show how much is possible - the idea is to collaborate with other clinics, so that the guidelines will be developed more detaied and better quality

  1. Present:
  2. Welcome
  3. Moderator and approval/changes of the agenda
  4. Minutes will be written down during the session
  5. Vision and mission for the program
  6. Report and discussion of a clinical case
  7. Discussion of a selected scientific article of the week
  8. Selection of item for clinical guidelines - responsible person
  9. Collaboration with other clinics
  10. Electronic pt. record system for seafarers and passengers (Epi-Data)
  11. Evidence based medicine
  12. Ongoing research
  13. Photo documentation for learning
  14. Stearing committee
  15. Regular evaluation and revision of the program
  16. Presentation of the program´s experiences: IMH/IMHA-News
  17. Evaluation of the day and personal tasks for the next colloquium
  18. Other issues