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  1. New issue: Photo documentation for learning health and safety

Photography is the best tool to understand the world we live in. When we browse in old black-and-white images or prints with faded colors, we reflect on our history.In a moment the present is past, and the images will have a new value. Consider photos of health and safety activities on board the ships you visit, ship medical chest a.o. The photos can also be description of diseases in the skin etc. from the clinic and the hospital. The ethical side is important and the permission to take and use the photo is needed. Photo documentation could be an important research theme, relatively easy to do with the use of the high quality smart phone cameras. Photos that show activities on the ships, that might represent the following topics and themes: workplace activities on all places on board, in the living rooms, engine rooms etc. on board and on the key. Photos should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons with a title and description of date, type and size of the ship, workplace or living room area on the ship, harbour, and the URL for use should be added in these pages. An exposition of the photos will be available in this Wikiversity to be used for learning in the professional courses and for patients.

Photos should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before it is allowed to be used on the pages