Maritime Clinical Colloquial Network/Colloquia history/Sep 17: 8:00-9:30

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  • Present: Dr. ML Canals, Maria Rodriguez, Marietta,Thania and Olaf

Dr. Rodriguez gave a presentation on how they practice the health examinations en her clinic in Caracas, Venezuela. Especially about the limits for BMI; > 30 BMI, the seafarers are declared not apt and referred to specialists, dietist etc. and are invited to come back later for a new health examination. Dr. Canals gave a presentation of a case of high obesity that was followed for 10 years, one of her publications in Medicina Maritima. The article discussion includes references to the limits on BMI in different countries. Most of the countries have the opinion that the seafarers should show they are able to do his/her duties as the most important for the decision apt/no apt even the BMI is much over 30. Another very important issue is that the obese seafarers often come from an obese family, so the culture is strongly related to the family. This should probably be included in the anamnesis because it might be useful for the prevention in the whole family. These issues will be discussed later.