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Clinica Einstein colloquium 28 May 2016 with Drs. Irene, Olaf, Rimsky and Thania
Dr. Gabriel Sucre teaching the Zotero reference program

Colloquium Sat 28-5-2016 8:00-9:30

Clinica Einstein, Via Argentina, Panama City
  1. Present: Dr.Olaf, Dra. Irene Jácome, Dra. Thania Aguilar
  2. Ongoing research Thania continue to present study results on 100 seafarers (60 patients and 40 health examinations)
  3. Thania and Rimsky: Zotero reference program
  4. The program is installed and ready to be used by all staff, Thania, Gabriel and Raphael will assist anyone who needs help
  5. Planning for the rest of the year was discussed