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Clinical colloquium in Clinica Einstein Sat 19 March 2016: Rimsky, Blanca,Dayra and Thania
Clinica Einstein, Via Argentina, Panama City

Colloquium Agenda Sat 19-3-2016 7:30-9:00

  1. Present: Thania, Rimsky, Dayra, Blanca, Olaf
  2. Welcome
  3. Objectives for the Colloquia
  4. Wikiversity pages (how to edit)
  5. The 2 months plan
  6. Vision and mission Thanias draft was discussed and edited in the page
  7. Clinical guidelines ICD-10 or ICPS classification
  8. Selection of an issue for clinical guidelines - diagnostics of pre-diabetes (indicators) (2) Dayra traera las guias de diagnostico de la ADA
  9. Report and discussion of a clinical case: none
  10. Discussion of a selected scientific article of the week - none
  11. Ongoing research (3) did not talk
  12. Organising team didnt talk
  13. Agenda for the next colloquium 26-3 agreement
  14. Group or individual tasks for next meeting (case+article to discuss)
  15. Evaluation of the day - which are good indicators ??

Continuaremos nuestra discusión el 23 de Marzo de 2016.