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Clinical Colloquium 4 march 2017

participants: Jomeyni Prudencio, Thania, Raphael, Rimsky, Olaf

  1. Our main discussion was about 1 case presented by Dra. Thania - seafarer from a cruise line, BMI > 50, normal blodlipids, normotensive, was grounded
  • What happened before the HE ? the use of anti- xxx
  • Why hasnt any medical persons on board the cruiseline tried to help and prevent for this seafarer ?
  • How could this be prevented in the future?
  1. 2) We tried out the OpenEMR system to see if it could be useful in the clinic


  1. Guidelines for pre-diabetes: diagnosis and follow up (Dr. Raphael Pretto)
  2. Presentacion power point de caso medico TBC. Con enfoque maritimo internacional (Dr. Gabriel Sucre) - Publicar articulo /ppt
  3. Thania and Gabriel: Zotero reference program - status?
  4. Ishiharas test, needs for repeat the test every 2nd year? (Dra. Thania)…
  5. Vaccination guide (Dra. Thania)
  6. La-Am-IMHA Research-learning Center
  7. OpenEMR SDU

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