Maritime Clinical Colloquial Network/Colloquia history/Aug 13: 8:00-9:30

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Drs. Raphael, Gabriel, Olaf, Marietta, Thania


  1. Present: Drs. Raphael, Gabriel, Olaf, Marietta, Thania
  2. Revision del caso artículo del estudio de Obesidad en Marinos.(Dra. Thania Aguilar, Dr. Rimsky Sucre / )
  3. Presentacion power point de caso medico TBC. Con enfoque maritimo (Dr. Gabriel Sucre).
  4. A case of serious exanthema (irritant?) in a seafarer cleaning a dieseltank (Dra. Thania) (ppt and/or clinical case publish)
  5. Ongoing research Thania continue presented the new revised ppt study on 100 seafarers (60 patients and 40 health examinations)
  6. Discussion La Prensa article today ¿Qué es la medicina marítima?:(Rimsky Sucre. Opinion La Prensa 13-08-16)


  1. Thania and Gabriel: Zotero reference program
  2. The program is installed and ready to be used by all staff, Thania, Gabriel and Rafael will assist anyone who needs help
  3. Planning for the rest of the year to be discussed
  4. Ishiharas test, needs for repeat the test every 2nd year? (Dra. Thania)…