Maritime Clinical Colloquial Network/April 30: 7:30-9

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Colloquium Agenda Sat 30-4-2016 8:00-9:30

Clinica Einstein, Via Argentina, Panama City


  1. Welcome Dr. Olaf, Lic. Sol, Dr. Gabriel, Dra. Thania, Dr. Pretto
  2. Vision and mission Rimsky and Thania continue discussion how to supplement
  3. Ongoing research Thania presentará caso de Síndrome Metabólico e Hipertensión Arterial (obesity study)
  4. Clinical case 1: El Dr. Gabriel presentará un caso reciente de TBC multiresistente.
  5. Clinical case 2: Thania nos brindará el resumen de un caso clínico para la próxima sesión.
  6. History and theory 10 minutes, proposal for the next colloquium
  7. Discussion of a selected scientific article (New Article TMAS-Sweden)
  8. New issue: Photo documentation for learning
  9. Agenda and tasks for the next colloquium
  10. Continuaremos trabajando en la revision de la Misión y Visión