Mad Max - Creating the sound of fear with Symphony Orchestra

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Wikiversity School of Music:
Mad Max's Course in Film Scoring for Motion Pictures
Lesson #01: Creating the sound of "Fear"
Pages of this Lesson:
Lesson Summary: Creating moods with individual notes
Select One:

Notation's Protégé (free demo version)
Page 1c: Getting started with Protégé
Page 2b: Creating the sound of fear with Protégé - 6 points

More Musical Sounds
Page 3: Creating additional moods for motion pictures with individual notes - 6 points
Creating the sound of fear with GarageBand plus Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra

Do you have Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra

If you have Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra, you can go to the next page and create the sound of fear with a single musical note.

If now, I will show you how to create this sound using the sounds built into GarageBand 3.



The most useful feature of GarageBand


Velocity is very much like volume



The simplest way to add notes
To create


GarageBand has its quirks


The Next Page

Once you have your computer and GarageBand and Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra and you have learn how to use GarageBand, you are ready for your first assignment. You must create the "Sound of Fear".

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