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A MOOC is a massive open online course.

As of 2012 MOOCs have been popping up all over, and been highlighted in the press. There are the beginnings of some MOOC references within wikiversity, and also within | Wikipedia.

This Page and related pages seeks to serve as a complementary page to MOOC's that are developing to more readily outline and reference their resources.

The list below will simply list the MOOC- feel free to add a new one - try to follow or improve on the naming conventions.

Example of naming convention: Course-Year-Institution-Institution-Platform

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science I-2012-Harvard-edX[edit]

Course Home Page[edit]

This page is a sort of promo for the class. It is where you go before logging in (and if you don't have an account). At the top of the page is the standard edx platform header items in more or less this layout:

edX  FIND COURSES                                    ABOUT BLOG JOBS LOGIN SIGN UP 

The page begins with a large title CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science I followed by a link to HarvardX followed by a big button to REGISTER FOR CS50. It includes an explanation about the course, a short promotional video you can also (watch on youtube.) It also includes a link to the FAQ As well as some sharing links to the upper right.

It also introduces the key players in the course, including the instructor, preceptor, and lead teaching fellows, with head shots and a bit of bio information.

At the bottom of the page are the standard edX platform footer items in more or less this layout:

edX  Find Courses About Blog Jobs Contact                   YouTube, G+, Facebook, & Twitter 

© 2012 edX, some rights reserved.                      terms of service privacy policy honor code help

From the home page, you enter the course by logging in (assuming you've already registered)- doing so takes you to

Your edX dashboard - this page carries no title (but the URL says dashboard) and has at the top

[edX] (link doesn't go anywhere) Find Courses                                       [yourname] with drop down for Help and Logout

The main page includes a block on the left with your name at the top, and your name and email with edit options and a reset password option below that. On the right it lists the edX course you are enrolled in. The whole block that includes a nicely formatted image, title, and what appears to be different links/buttons is one big link to the course info page.

At the bottom are the standard two lines of footer information as outlined above.


Week 0
Introduction. Bits. Binary. ASCII. Programming. Algorithms. Statements. Boolean expressions. Conditions. Loops. Variables. Threads. Events.
  • Demos
  • Take CS50 - Call Me Maybe Harvard Parody
  • Notes
  • Slides (torrent)
  • Subtitles
  • Syllabus
  • Transcript
  • Video
  • MP3 (torrent)
  • MP4 (240p) (torrent)
  • MP4 (360p) (torrent)
  • MP4 (720p) (torrent)
  • MP4 (1080p) (torrent)
  • YouTube

Course Info[edit]

Much awaits you, so here's how to begin:

  • Review the syllabus, schedule, and instructions at top-right.
  • Download and install Google Chrome, if possible, else Firefox, for the best experience.
  • Say hello to your classmates via CS50 Discuss.
  • Visit the courseware tab at top-left to dive into Week 0!

Course Handouts (top right)[edit]

Social Media[edit]

CS50 Apps[edit]

this page URL is but has the title CS50 Apps. Once you go to one of the pages links, 
you cannot get back to this page. Each subsequent page has a dropdown that shows these three links,
but not the apps page. The three items on the home page then appear on the drop-down on each of those three pages.
Interestingly, they all (four) have the same drop-down - so on the home page the menu is redundant.
The apps page also has a different design look to it, although the title/header area are identical to the others.

Items that appear on the page to the right: Discussions Lists the 10 most recent posts across all forums, with latest first. Extensions Submit Gradebook

(the common header has the page name, with a drop-down just to the right with these three items.)

CS50x Discuss[edit]

CS50x Gradebook[edit]

CS50x Submit[edit]

(the common header has these two items to the right in a in drop-down)


An inexplicable dropdown with the name CS50 that leads to CS50 that leads to the page you're on (not functioning?)

[Hi, (yourname)][edit]

with these three items as a drop-down under the name


[Report a Bug]=[edit]


Page Contents

New Post (button)

  • InBox
  • Watched
  • Unread

study groups
tech support

A Crash Course on Creativity-2012-Stanford-VentureLabs[edit]

Top-left menu items


Assignment | Start Date | Deadline | Peer Evaluation Period | Progress
GETTING TO KNOW YOU Oct 17th | Oct 3rd | Not required | (status bar)

  • Community (dropdown menu)

Designing a New Learning Environment-2012-Stanford-VentureLabs[edit]

Top-left menu items

Learning Technology Design and Sustainability
Learning Technology Design and Sustainability video
Video Download
  • Key Concepts
Key Concept: Sustainability
  • Assignment
Welcome, please settle in. Introduce yourself on your Journal (located on your profile) and the Forums (under Community)--tell about your interests, your experience, where you are from, and what you are passionate about! Find friends who have similar interests as well as some different skills than yours (these could be useful on the final project).
  • Additional Resources
The "Must-Have Edtech Cheat Sheet"

E-learning Tools and Resources for Education Mind Map (click the plus signs next to each category of tools to expand and view examples)

  • Community (dropdown menu)

Using online meeting tool:DNLE Lobby - sponsored by GoCast

Power Searching with Google-2012-Google-CourseBuilder[edit]

Items under main page intro:


Each section (i.e. 1.2) has

  • :a video,
  • :text version (not exact match of video)
  • :slides from the video in pdf format

Class 1 - Introduction[edit]

1.1 Introduction

  • Activity
  • 1.2 Filter image results by color
  • Activity
 :* 1.3 How search works
 :* Activity
 :* 1.4 The art of keyword choices
 :* Activity
 :* 1.5 Word order matters
 :* Activity
 :* 1.6 Finding text on a web page
 :* Activity

Class 2 - Interpreting results[edit]

Hangout on Air #1[edit]

Class 3 - Advanced techniques[edit]

Class 4 - Finding facts faster[edit]

Hangout on Air #2[edit]

Class 5 - Checking your facts[edit]

Hangout on Air #3[edit]

Class 6 - Putting it all together[edit]