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Technical papers regarding Space Tourism

[edit | edit source]
  • A paper outlining issues and concepts applicable to a 100 person base. "Lunar Base Development

- Issues And Models"[1]

Activity challenges:

1. Read any of the above technical papers and provide a brief underneath the link regarding your estimate of its content and usefulness and for whom.

2. Generate a list of supporting businesse and cost estimates you require to complete an economic model of an operating lunar hotel which will attract investers seeking profits.

3. Use WAGs (Wild Ass Guesses) to generate an estimate of how much an individual tourist must be charged for various services to breakeven. Hint: Consider building a cash flow diagram for a fixed capacity hotel, use this to generate numbers for various scenarios. Others can then use your estimates to begin revising their own estimates for greater accuracy; whereupon your numbers may change as you feed their numbers back into your estimates. You can see why hard accurate budgeting information is greatly desirable to reduce risk in entrepreneurial activities and investment.

4. Location! Location! Location! Use a telescopeObservational_astronomy or online lunar mapping data[2] to generate a top down view map of the proposed location of your lunar venture.