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Tourism is likely to be a major driver of the lunar economy in many, if not most, phases of development. It will support a rich ecology of cottage manufacturers helpful in providing diverse opportunities and goods to our lunar settlers. Wise lunar entrepreneurs and investors will know how the tourist sector benefits and impacts their market sectors.

Suborbital tourism affects projections only indirectly by bringing economies of scale and venture capital to applicable space technologies. No consumables are imported from moon to support suborbital flights at Earth.

Pricing Data[edit | edit source]

2007 Flight to ISS $30Millionw:Space_tourism Duration?

"Bigelow plans by 2012 to be able to house astronauts for four weeks for just under $15 million. Since launch costs are such a large part of the cost, staying up for another four weeks only costs another $3 million per astronaut." [1]

"The plan will call for Bigelow to launch two payloads in 2010, a single payload in 2011, and quickly ramp up as clients hire the firm -- to 30 launches by 2017."[2] How many persons per launch?

Bigelow plans. [3][4] [5]

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