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Spacecraft components arrive via jumbo cargo aircraft, barge, rail, or super trucks.

Flightline Operations[edit]

An AN-124 Jumbo Air Freighter arriving.
AN-124 front view.
AN-124 Unloading
Space Shuttle landing. Mission Complete.

Barge Cargo[edit]

Rail Cargo[edit]

Truck Cargo[edit]

Vertical Rocket Launch[edit]

Redstone Launch Assembly under Construction
Titan 4B Core with two SRMU(Solid Rocket Motor Upgrades) in preparation for Cassini launch.
Atlas with Horizon spacecraft poised at KSC Pad 41.
  • New Nasa Orion Stack

Horizontal Takeoff to Space[edit]

L1011 Carrier Loading a Pegasus space launcher.

Capsule Return[edit]

  • Apollo
  • Soyuz
Russian Soyuz
  • Ablative heat shields

Vertical Powered Return[edit]

  • Scaled Engineering Prototype

Lifting Body Return[edit]

  • Space Shuttle