Lunar Boom Town/Luna's Tomatoes, Juice and Picante Sauce

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  • Domestic Households
  • Domestic Hotels
  • Aldrin Cycles
  • Lagrange Construction Shacks
  • Lagrange Settlement

Production methods[edit | edit source]

  • lunar tomatoes
see: Wikimanual of Gardening:Tomato and Lunar Boom Town/LED Greenhouse Harvesting[1]
  • terran tomato paste
imported from Terran in carbon-carbon or plastic container providing mass inflow of water, carbons, nitrogen, other in what proportion?
  • cometary ice or lunar ice or terran hydrogen plus lox

Insert photograph of simulated lunar glass production tools here along Process and Instrumention Diagram (P&ID) or (PID) pronounced "Pid" short i.

Products Out[edit | edit source]

Pilot's Choice Tomato Juice Tomatoe Paste for export Boom Town Boomers Boomiest Picante or BitSquared Picante

Need demand projections mass flow equations cost of production estimates Charge Rate currently estimate $1X10^6/bottle

Category Cottage Manufacturing?