Lunar Boom Town/Earth-Gravity Simulation Facility

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Long term residence in a lunar environment means long term exposure to a low gravity environment. This could potentially have detrimental effects on human anatomy. Developing and maintaining some sort of facility that simulates gravity levels comparable to that of Earth could help to offset some of these effects.

Human Environment[edit]

The environment for human evolution was a pressure based environment. It requires a medium developed in conjunction with beneficial lifeforms. The ecosystem is generally excluded from space travel designs. Future systems plans can include ecosystems for extended (lifetime) travel.

Business options[edit]

Research into the facility can look into available space technology.

Pressure Chambers[edit]

All space and lunar facilities utilize pressure systems suited to human environment.

Down Pressure[edit]

Down-fans are not used by space modules yet. A full moving medium is not the objective of current efforts. However, after temporary analysis and experimentation in space the permanent solution may include moving medium.

Down pressure can be delivered by gas, liquid, or particulate matter.

Biological bubble[edit]

In an agricultural scenario, humanly acceptable mediums can occur within proximity to biological generators.

Surface tension[edit]

Water tension, and other forms of surface tension can create inhabitable zones.

Magnetic field[edit]

Magnetic clothing could compensate for several Earth-viable environment requirements.


Motion induces greater gravity forces on the body.

Spinning Rooms[edit]

This is a well known field. Early experimentation delves into the G-force phenomena.[1] [2]

Gyro Rooms[edit]

Computer controlled gyro rooms could create a copy of Earth's gravity for long term synchronization with the seasonal needs of the human body.

Particle Acceleration[edit]

Particle accelerators can produce an environmental change. Affecting gravity via 'medium focus' and 'pressure changes' is possible. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with magnetic systems.

Electron flow[edit]

Electrical charge affects the human body. Already, Tens devices can control muscle tension.

  • Charge surfaces could be put into floors, chairs, pools, walls, or tables.
  • Charge clothing could operated within training rooms to simulate more difficult earth terrain.
  • Properly controlled and charged rock climbing walls could create a higher resistance for body training.