Loxdanš/Lesson 8

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You’ve already probably learned one word descibing nature, trees! But trees is not the only thing about nature. Et’s learn!

Words[edit | edit source]

The word for bush is Buš. It is also pronounced like the German busch

The word for leaf is Løb. It is not to be confused with the Danish løb because that means Sprenja.

The word for grass is Graz.

The word for oak and birch is ëja en bëx.

English Low Danish
Clover Klobar
Dandelion Løbflover or alternatively Løblom
Easter Lily Nyrosflover
Flower Flover and/or Blom
Stone Stën
Hill Høgg
Mountain Høggpøint or Høggpônt

Let us make some sentences[edit | edit source]

I run by the bush = Ij sprenjatimrum a ðe Buš

I ran by the bush = Ij sprenjatimero a ðe Buš

I shall run by the bush = Ij sprenjatimešo a ðe Buš

There is a stone on the hill = Ðer eram ej Stën va ðe Høgg

Try to create some of your own sentences by your knowledge!