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Here you will learn about other countries in Low Danish. The way countries are named is by taking the country’s denonym and putting an ending -ën. Related to Danish egn, somewhat related to German -ei, and etymologically related to english own. There is though a rule in Low Danish that states that a name, a proper noun cannot be two seperate words. So Anne Mary is actually either Annemary or Anne-Mary.

Examples[edit | edit source]

English Rules that apply Low Danish
The United Kingdom Because of the rule of

proper names, the UK is

called officially the United English

Kingdom. It is called England literally.

Germany Officially called the German Federation Tyskelën
Russia Officially called the Russian Federation Rušën
The United States The same rules apply to as the U.K.,

the United States is called officially the

Atlantic Federal States, and is called

Atlantica literally.

France Officially called the French Republic Fransiskën
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Danën
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Svenën
Norway Kingdom of Norway Norvën
Holland Kingdom of Holland Holën