Loxdanš/Lesson 3

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Adverbs in Low Danish are easy to learn. They are fun and can prove useful in sentences. Today we will primarily discuss Adverbs in verbs.

Learn it![edit | edit source]

You’ve previously learned about verbs in Low Danish. This course is easier when you know the basics of a verb in Low Danish. We are going to learn also about the endings -te and -ten. There exists only three inflections in adverbs in Low Danish, the root, the first and the last. The root and first have the same endings, but the root is the descriptive word.

Now to the point:[edit | edit source]

Here are some problems you can solve, do it on paper or on a notebook in your device:

E geldam šremTEN - Is it he buys the most or he buys much?

Ij vilešo gernTE sprenjaešo - Is it I want to run? or I would rather want to run?