Loxdanš/Lesson 2

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Did you remember the last course we did? Yes, if you did, we learned about the Alphabet, the pronunciations and the basics of a noun. Now we are to learn about adjectives and verbs. These are very simple. We will also have some greetings and some basic words to learn here.

Low Danish English equivelant
Faronvel Goodbye
Velonkomeron Welcome
Var eram dën Name? What is your name?
Vor altem eram du How old are you?
Du eram floverlon You are beautiful
Yes(informal) Ja
Yes(formal) Ovi
No(formal) Nojn


[edit | edit source]

Low Danish verb-system is very similar to other Germanic Languages.

English German Loxdanš
I am Ich bin Ij erirum
You are Du bist Du erisam
He/She/It is Er,sie,es ist E,si,se eram
We are Wir sind Vi erirum
You are Ihr seid I erisam
They are Sie,sie sind Dë eram

There are no irregular verbs, or even irregular nouns and adjectives in Low Danish, so it is very easy to form and recognize words.

Do it yourself and good luck!