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NOR = NOT-OR ~ Therefore this indicates that the result of the inputs placed through the gate will go through the OR operation and the NOT operation. The correct order of processing is: Step 1. Put the inputs through the OR operation.
Step 2. From the results of the first step - invert (using the NOT operation).
Step 3. Take the result from Step 2 as the output.

Rules of a NOR gate[edit | edit source]

A NOR gate is a logic gate which follows the rules of the truth table below:

A NOR gate with 2 inputs
Input A Input B Output X
0 0 1
0 1 0
1 0 0
1 1 0

Circuit Symbol[edit | edit source]

The NOR gate is represented within a circuit diagram using the following circuit symbol:

The NOR gate circuit symbol

In the example to the left we can see that A & B are the inputs and the output is the result of A & B processed through the "OR" operation and then the value is inverted. This is represented using a method of notation called "DeMorgans Logic Notation".