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sar -r --human

09:38:01 PM kbmemfree   kbavail kbmemused  %memused kbbuffers  kbcached  kbcommit   %commit  kbactive   kbinact   kbdirty
09:39:01 PM    122.1G    478.5G    381.5G     75.8%    385.4M    348.8G     25.4G      5.0%     39.7G    330.0G     96.2M
09:40:01 PM    118.7G    478.5G    384.9G     76.4%    385.5M    352.1G     25.4G      5.0%     39.8G    333.2G    406.1M
09:41:01 PM    116.1G    478.4G    387.4G     76.9%    385.6M    354.6G     25.4G      5.0%     39.9G    335.7G    259.2M


[edit | edit source]
  1. Emptying the buffers cache: free -h && sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches && free -h[1]
  2. Use fio with direct=0 to fill up your cache.

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