Linux Clusters Course in Trivandrum

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1. Installation of Linux

2. Dual boot installation

3. Booting process HW,OS,

4. File System

5. Partitioning and Formatting


7. LVM

8. Services

a) httpd,nfs,squid ,samba,nis

b) dns, printer conf

9. iptables

10. Troubleshoots

11. Shell Scripting

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12. Network troubleshooting

13. Introduction to clustering

Please note Dual Booting, Shell scripting , Clustering shall be covered only on request, and time availability

Clustering Introduction and Configuration are separate topics

Other topics Networking

Solaris installation

Ubuntu installation

Centos installation

Clustering Configuration


Solaris networking

Vmware,xen virtulisation, wine, ubuntu, yum, rpm,apt install,kickstart,jumpstart


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