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lvs -a -o +devices,lv_tags
LV          VG      Attr       LSize  Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert LV Tags Devices
lv_app      vg_root -wi-ao---- 71.63g                                                             /dev/sda2(7136)
lv_home     vg_root -wi-ao----  2.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(2272)
lv_opt      vg_root -wi-ao----  5.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(2784)
lv_root     vg_root -wi-ao----  5.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(0)
lv_tmp      vg_root -wi-ao----  1.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(4064)
lv_usr      vg_root -wi-ao----  5.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(4320)
lv_usrlocal vg_root -wi-ao----  1.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(5600)
lv_var      vg_root -wi-ao----  5.00g                                                             /dev/sda2(5856)
swap        vg_root -wi-ao----  3.88g    

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