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This is an collaborative effort to create some teaching materials about the Lightning Network. Eventually all information provided and articles should be written on this wiki for a start we can of course just link to articles.

There is a list of potential videos to be created on the talk page. Feel free to take over responsibility for a video or add ideas to the list. You could also erase videos from the list if you think we wouldn't need them.

We start with a loose collection of links.

Tutorials for end users[edit]

setting up a lightning node[edit]



lighting peach[edit]




securing a lightning node[edit]

  • firewalling?
  • before.rules for ufw?

Materials for developers[edit]

Lightning-rfc BOLT[edit]




rust lightning[edit]

Technical reads[edit]

Teaching materials[edit]

If none of those help you can ask questions and tag them with lightning network over at

Materials for Business makers[edit]

Other curated information sources[edit]

Hack A Lapp/Introduction to Bitcoins Lightning Network App Development



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  1. install pylightning module
  2. invoke an Remote Procedure Call to your c-lightning node in a python code base
  3. create an invoice for your customer
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  • work with the listinvoices() method
  • understand that invoices have a status
  • access data from a specific invoice
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  • find a specific invoice with its payment hash
  • Check if a specific invoice has been paid
  • change the response to the customer depending on the payment status of the invoice
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