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Welcome[edit | edit source]

This page is intended to be the collective blog for this project. Rather than write to this page directly it is a composite page of individual's learning blog pages from the project participants.

One method of organising your comments or blog postings for easy repositioning is to create comments or blogs/entries as subpages off your User page like User:Mystictim/llww. You can now include these pages at multiple locations by using an include:


If you want to use an include for a page in the main name space (learning materials and projects) you must start it with a colon :
[[Learning path]]

To see how this is done click on the edit tab of this page and look at the list of includes at the bottom of the page. You can add your blog for this project by adding:

[[User:Myname/my learning to learn a wiki way blog]]

Note that the include doesn't have the page title so this has to be added separately.

The advantage of creating multiple subpages for comments and blogs on different subjects is that you can then post entries and comments at various locations on Wikiversity (using appropriate include for your subpages) and keep track of them by creating a master page using a list of includes in the form:

[[User:Mystictim/School of education comments]]

This will create a master list with all your comments or blog entries in one place. For more on this topic see the Wikipedia help file Help:Template specifically the section on Composite pages.

Talk:Learning to learn a wiki way[edit | edit source]

Talk:Learning to learn a wiki way


Mu301's Learning blog[edit | edit source]

User:Mu301/Learning blog