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Welcome to the Practice of Learning Theories (POLT)! This is Indiana University graduate students' book called the Practice of Learning Theories (POLT). The focus of The POLT is on implementation, pragmatic use, or realization of a learning theory in the field.

The Preliminary Work of The POLT: Critiques of Learning Theories Book (COLT-W)

You can find the preliminary work of The POLT, Critiques of Learning Theories book (COLT-W) at http://wow-iu-uh.wikispaces.com. These critiques are collaborative efforts of graduate students from Indiana University in Bloomington and University of Houston in Texas collaborating during the fall of 2007 to review Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology (EPLTT) at Michael Orey’s class at the University of Georgia. We welcome your additions to this book!

The Practice of Learning Theories (POLT)

The Practice of Learning Theories

Part I: Introduction to the POLT

Part II: Addressing Human Behaviors: Theories and Practices

Part III: Active, Learner-Centered, and Constructivist Teaching and Learning

Part IV: Empowering, Motivating, and Transformative Teaching and Learning

Part V: Addressing Student Thinking and Intelligence

Part VI: Adult Education

Part VII: Language Learning

Part VIII: Language Learning