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Learning techniques

I have decided to make a Learning techniques section , this is to help you to learn quicker and easier.
Firstly you need to know about your brain
There are 3 different types of Memory

  • Visual : When you remember by being shown how do it.(Reading)
  • Kinetic : When you remember by doing it.(Speaking/Writing)
  • Auditory : When you remember by being told how to.(Listening)

I am a Kinetic/Visual (Many people have mixes between 2 or even 3 , but usually there is a dominant (For me : Kinetic)) and the techniques i use , and will show you , are how i learn my languages , which are going to be best suited to a visual or kinetic person.
Hopefully in time , more people will add to this page , allowing more diversity of memory techniques.
This one , is what i use almost everyday.

  • A) Take an A4 paper
  • B) Write along an edge words (however many you feel comfortable with) in whatever you are learning(Im using Cornish in this example).
  • C) Close the book you working from , and write the English beside them , in a clearly seperate column


Mamm Mum
Tas Dad
Hwoer Sister
Broder Brother


  • D)Cover up the Language you're learning , so you can now only see the English.
  • E) Translate back into Cornish from memory.
  • F) Now cover up the Cornish and re write it in English
  • G) Carry on this process until you get the whole page filled EXCEPT space for a few more columns.
  • H) Now , go and do something else. Go to bed , Go Work , Go cook tea , make your brain concentate on something else.
  • I) Now , when youve finished , write the remaining few columns out , this is to put the final bit into your brain.
  • E) Test if it worked , go and do something else again , i move onto another set of vocab and repeat the process with that.And after ive finished that....
  • F) Now go and write out 4 columns in the same technique , if you can do it almost without effort , this has suceeded , come back to this vocab every few days for a while to make sure it stays in your brain. When youre confident you can recall each word almost without effort , then leave it , if you wish you can come back to it and re - do the test every mounth or so , just so it doesnt go unused.

I hope this has helped those out there. If you want to add to the list , or a variation of another , just click edit at the top and write down your idea. I look forward to seeing some more.